The mission of the Plymouth Gun Club is to enhance the knowledge, skill and enjoyment of shooting sports for all participants, from beginners to expert competitors and seasoned hunters, while also instilling a sense of responsibility and safety for themselves and others. We will accomplish this while building harmony and fellowship among our members, guests and community.

Firearm safety is and must be held with the highest regard and foremost in all the activities at Plymouth Gun Club

We shall also continue to play a fundamental role in informing, educating and raising the awareness in society on the safe, responsible and legal use of firearms.

Bearing all this in mind; our number one objective is to have Fun !!!!!

General Information

The  PGC is open year round for members non members in children that are supervised by an adult have a valid Minnesota firearm safety training certificate.
Learn more about are shooting hours in the “About PGC” tab above.

 shotgun shooting only, no rifles, pistols or archery equipment.  PGC does not furnish shotguns.
Learn more about loads and equipment in the “About PGGC” tab above.

Payment for shooting or shells by cash or personal check only.
credit/Debit cards are not accepted.

email any questions or contact the PGC at info@plymouthgunclub.org or call (612) 554-2936.

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